Dog and Cat Vaccinations in Fort Worth, TX

As the years go by, you undoubtedly do all you can to ensure your pets stay happy, healthy, and full of life. Dog and cat vaccinations are a big part of that, of course, and you can count on our team for help. At University Animal Hospital, we understand the importance of getting all the right vaccines on time. We specialize in creating the perfect vaccination schedule for your pet’s needs. Plus, we’re always here to provide the highest quality of care at every visit.

Importance of Timely Dog and Cat Vaccinations

Dog and cat vaccinations help protect your pet from contagious diseases, like kennel cough, distemper, and rabies. Even with quality vet care, many of these diseases can result in lasting health problems or even prove deadly.

So, it’s wise to do all you can to prevent them from impacting your pet’s health in the first place. Vaccines are the only way to reliably do that, however, and they must be given on the ideal schedule for the best level of protection.

Fortunately, you don’t have to guess to find the ideal vaccination timeline to follow. Your veterinarian in Fort Worth will let you know what vaccines your pet needs and when. Then, all you have to do is come by on the set schedule to get your pet the care they need to stay safe and healthy through the years.

Dog and Cat Vaccinations in Fort Worth, TX

Types of Vaccinations Your Pets Might Need

From the puppy and kitten stages through to the senior years, pets need to stay up to date on all their vaccinations. Although there’s some overlap, cats and dogs have different vaccination needs.

On top of that, each type of vaccine has its own administration schedule to follow. Fortunately, your veterinarian can help you get your pet fully vaccinated and keep them up to date.

Fort Worth, TX Dog and Cat Vaccinations


Puppies get several rounds of vaccinations to help build their immunity to contagious diseases. Their first doses begin at 6 to 8 weeks, and then two boosters follow to complete the round of doses.

After that, dogs need to have many of their vaccinations updated annually, including:

  • DaPPv
  • Leptospirosis
  • Bordetella
  • Influenza

As for the rabies shot, puppies typically get their first dose at 3 to 6 months of age. Then, they will receive a booster 12 months later. You can elect to have them receive the three-year rabies booster after the first annual dose.


Kittens also get their first round of vaccinations at 6 to 8 weeks of age. Two rounds of boosters follow along with a rabies shot at 3 to 6 months. All of their vaccinations continue annually after that.

Cats receive most of their vaccinations in a combo vaccine, the FVRCP VX. Beyond that, they only need a FeLV VX vaccine to protect them from feline leukemia.

If your cat hasn’t had the FeLV VX vaccine for an extended period of time, they will need to have a test performed before getting vaccinated. The test simply confirms that they’re negative for the disease to help prevent any issues.

To help streamline the care process, we ask that you always have your dog on a leash and cat in a carrier upon arriving at our clinic. You can usually accompany your pet into the vaccination room if you’d like. Or, we can take them back, complete the vaccinations, and then return them to you with treats in tow.

Additional Vet Care Services to Consider

At our clinic, we usually complete vaccinations during your pet’s annual exams. Although you’re welcome to come in any time, that approach keeps your dog and cat vaccinations perfectly up to date.

During that visit, your vet will look over your pet to check their overall health condition. Plus, they’ll address any concerns you may have at that time. Depending on what’s going on, your pet may need diagnostic tests or additional visits to fully resolve any health concerns they may have at that time.

Heartworm Testing and Prevention

In addition to vaccinations, your pet may benefit from getting a heartworm test and preventative medication. Heartworms can cause serious health complications, so it’s important to protect your pet from infestations.

Flea and Tick Preventative

We can also get your pet set up with an effective flea and tick preventative. This medication keeps pests at bay, giving your pet the best quality of life and preventing health issues from serious infestations. You also won’t have to worry about having to treat your house and yard because the medication actively prevents pests from moving in.


Beyond that, we’ll want to protect your pets’ gastric system from worms. These internal parasites can infect both dogs and cats of any age. Our team will likely use a general dewormer, like Strongid-T, but it might also be necessary to use a tapeworm dewormer.


Want to protect your pet from being able to find their way back home if they ever get lost? We can help with the precise placement of a microchip right between your pet’s shoulders. Then, if they ever get lost, a quick scan will link them back to your contact info, so they can get a quick ride back home, safe and sound.

No matter what your pet needs, you can trust that our team is always happy to provide the highest quality of care.

Ready to Get Dog and Cat Vaccinations in Fort Worth, Texas?

Are you ready to get your pet up to date on all their cat and dog vaccinations? If so, you can set up a convenient visit with a call or text to 817-921-5429. Our Fort Worth veterinary team will ideally want to combine your vaccination visit with the annual exam whenever possible. You can then come in to get all your pet’s care done in just one easy visit. We look forward to helping your pet stay in great health through every life stage. So, please feel free to give us a call whenever you’d like to get on the schedule.