Hot In Texas

By January 23, 2020 No Comments

We have reached the time of the year where it is hot around here. VERY HOT!. Several things to remember:

1) Never leave your pet in the car when the sun is up. Even in the morning, the car heats up at a very fast rate. And with the sun down, the car still heats up, just from the engine still being hot, and the dog panting will get the heat and humidity to potentially lethal levels.

2) Exercising your pet in the morning hours is better. But, you still need to watch for heat related problems. We have reached the time of year when even in the morning it is over 80 degrees. If the humidity is up at all, our pets can have problems with it.

3) ALWAYS allow access to water for your pets.

Have a safe and fun summer, and stay cool!